My maths workshop

Hi guys it’s NIKITA here,

People in the group 1 maths group, I am  running workshop on the 18th of June, on Equivalent groups

why don’t you come and check it out, the workshop will only go for 15-20 minutes.

Hope you can make it!


Letter to the editor!

Hi 5/6,

I am writing a letter to the editor about clean up Australia Day .

I really hope my letter gets into the newspaper.

If you have any information on clean up Australia Day please write it in a comment for me, it would be really helpfull.


My new pet!!

Hi 5/6 ,

I just got a new pet called Roarzie he is a lion cub.

I got Roarzie because he looks so fun to play with, he is really really cute and he is a baby lion cub.

I hope you guys  like Roarzie  because I certainly do.


My maths reflections!!

Hi 5/6,

Hi guys, this is my maths reflection comment. on my comment you will find my  learning goals, my learning and lots more.

My learning goals:

1:To learn line of symmetry and learn what symmetry means.

2:To practise my 3s 4s times tables.

What I am learning about:

I am learning about place value, prime numbers and I am focusing on my worhshop.


Hi 3/4,

I found this amazing poem in a book called’ Give me a home among the gum trees’.

Give me a home among the gum trees

With lots of plum trees

A sheep or two

A kangaroo

A clothesline out the back.

Verandah out the front

And an old rocking chair


This poem made me wonder what types of poems are out there and how can I make my own poem . I choose this poem because I thought it would be a interesting to find out what the title means[the title is Give me a home among the gum trees].

Magic fabric!!!

Hi peeps it’s Nikita,

have you seen the new magic fabric corner ?

If you haven’t you should because it is AWESOME!!!!

So if you want to sew or do stuff with fabric ask Mrs Mac because she is the expert!!!

Welcome to my blog!!!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! On this blog you will find my learning and thoughts. Please comment and make sure they are kind and constructive! If you have any questions or ideas for posts please tell me in the comments below.